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When & where is the race?

On August 9th, plan on arriving at 6:00am at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, VA.The address for your GPS is Hewitt Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23460. This will get you to the parking lot.

Oh the sand! Why do you insist on calling this a MUD RUN??

Historically, the mud is the fun part of the race- the payoff for the grueling trek through the sand! While we attempt to incorporate more mud, the weather has a lot to do with how muddy the mud pits actually are. Some years they are crazy muddy like last year, other years more like murky water. We work with what mother nature gives us. Part of our ability to utilize JEB's base is that we disturb as little of the natural habitat as possible. It's a beautiful run & it's always a blast to swim, run, & crawl through no matter what it ends up looking like!

What's with the gator?

The race is held on the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Ft Story. It's an amphibious base and the gator is a bit of a mascot around the base. It's also home to one of the world's finest amphibious assault forces.

So if it's a joint expeditionary base, why does the gator have a Navy tattoo?

The tattoo is in honor of the military team who won the race last year: The Navy's Hard Chargers from HSC 26.  If another service wins the race this year, next year's gator will bear that tattoo! 

Is there a registration limit?

he registration is capped at 2500 for the adult race and 400 for the children's race. 

Can I register on race day? NO

What if I don't make it to packet pick-up on time?

You will not be granted access to the base without the base pass included in your packet. There is no way to pick up your packet on race day. Write this in permanent ink on your forehead: You must arrive at the EXPO to pick up your packet between the hours of 12pm-7pm on August 8th.

Can I pick up multiple packets at the EXPO?


Can civilians participate?

Yes! In fact every year we have teams that represent America's other fine fighting force, the first responders from the Sheriff's Dept & Fire Depts! Civilians will be granted base access with a photo ID and their base passes they receive at packet pickup.

What's the record for the fastest times to complete the race?

The course changes every year and that alters the finishing times. Here are the fastest times for the last few years:

2012 Individual- Sean Trombly 31:49
2012 Team (5)- Jim White Fitness (All Male) 42:30
2012 Couples- Foof 'n' Puff 38:40

2011 Individual- Ryan Carroll 31:19
2011 Team (5)- A Team (Co-Ed) 46:56
2011 Couples- Finstoked: 49:06

2010 Individual- Ryan Carroll 32:08
2010 Team (5)- WBXC (All Male) 44:21
2010 Couples- That's Not Mud! 45:33

What awards given out & when?

The top three places for each division and the first place team category are awarded a plaque.  The ceremony begins immediately following the mini Mud, or between 10:30-11am in the staging area. Mini Mud Run finishers each receive a medal & awards donated by the local community.

Why can't my kids run the 8K with me?

The adult race is designed with BIG kids in mind. All teens ages 13 & older are allowed to participate with parental consent. Because of the nature of the course, we recommend teens under 18 run with a parent or other adult friend. We specifically design a 1 mile course that is suitable for children & are the only race around that includes a mini Mud for kids ages 5-12. Let your children shine in the 1 mile challenge!

Other Questions?

Contact our race director Brian Sagedy.